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Who we are in numbers

Experienced in Tech hiring since 2016
Software Development teams built and relocated
Tech talents found dream job with us
People relocated and legalized in EU

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Risk Focus
Snowball Gaming
Alfa Kredyt

Hiring tech people

Get qualified front-end, back-end, mobile, devops and other engineers worldwide

Efficient hiring techniques

We have established a proper and scalable hunting process to deliver the people you need.

Business focus

Our talent selection strategy is tailored to meet each customer’s business needs, not just closing the vacancy.

Deep tech expertise

We hire Senior Software Engineers and IT Executives using our deep tech expertise, deep soft-skills evaluation and hiring know-how.

HR branding

We sell your job offer and present your company the right way. We help the company and the employee negotiate the contract terms that would provide the long-term and productive employment.

The most advanced in our field

Meaning, we follow the trends in IT, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc., to ensure you have people of the future.

Recruitment worldwide

We provide qualified technical specialists and software developers from Russia, CS and EU.

What you get

Customer Success

Forget the prevoius experience you have had. We make the difference in hiring: no more irrelevant incomplete CVs, no more useless interviews with unmotivated candidates.

Achieve business goals

Smart and fast hiring to match your business goals, project tasks and fit in your budget.

360° hiring partnership

We are standing with you as an HR management partner: defining employer’s benefits on the job market.


Web-development (back, front, databases), ML, Application development, IoT engineering, DevOps, Cloud engineering, etc.

7,000 EUR minimum recruitment fee
Regular position
of annual gross salary
per hire

3 months guarantee period

General proposal
Leading position
of annual gross salary
per hire

6 months guarantee period

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Discuss your tasks or needs with Kate Galkina

Building tech teams

Get battle-ready software development team perfectly fits your tech project

Tech team from scratch

To develop high-load projects, mobile applications, e-commerce projects, ML services and other industries.

Dedicated business team

Our technical specialists and technical recruiters evaluate your business tasks, product requirements, and determine further technical stack and roles of your future team.

Deep expertise in soft and hard skills testing

We use project adjusted personal tests to create a reliable and tight-knit tech team with ready-to-work-together people.

Dedicated CTO as a service

We provide technical audit of your project infrastructure to offer profitable improvements, including assurance and development processes.

Employees landing

Help with relocation, legalization, and adaptation of the team.

What you get

Battle-ready software development team
Optimal costs with the effective development time spent
360° partner in professional hiring and evaluation

Success stories

Start your tech business

We will be your partner in starting your business in the EU: we open the company, hire and relocate your Software Development Team and provide you with all necessary guidance to start your international expansion

Doing business from Latvia

We help to set up your European office and build your winning Development team

Help to gain a foothold and enter the international market

Provide solutions of tax optimisation and efficient asset allocation

Whole set of corporate services and Europe legislation

Cost of living are the most affordable in comparison with the other European capitals

Relocation of employees and business owners

Provide full-cycle residence permit

You get a clear action schedule and go through the process with our legal officer.

Useful Latvia Country guide

All you need to feel like home in Latvia: good place to live and other life arrangements.


Accommodation in the corporate apartment for a start

What you get

Access to European and world markets
Zero profit tax and democracy taxation and regulations
Low cost of living and cost structure in Riga

Success stories

Your space team

Amazing team of recruiters, technology consultants, CTO, business advisers and lawyers

Kate Galkina
Karina Stepanova
Stepan Galkin
Anastasiya Reznikova
Dmitry Vasnin

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